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Can your services meet all our expectations?

Absolutely, we will meet all your washroom needs and requirements for all types of companies small or large. We would be happy to offer you the same.

What is the duration of your service contracts?

We have many flexible contracts to suit your needs, we can offer a 3 or 5 year contract or simply keep it on an open contract with us. We offer open contracts because we don’t like tying you into long term deals like most of our competitors do and not giving you the service you require. Here at Chatha Hygiene our staff is confident you will always be happy with our service and you will not want to change from us to another supplier.

Will it be easy for me to change my Washroom contract to you from my existing supplier?

With our dedicated Customer Care and Accounts team we can guide and accompany you in every step of the way dealing with any issues you might have with your existing supplier. Our Customer care team is always available to speak to about changing your contract over to us also making sure there is no disruption in your service intervals.

Doe’s Chatha Hygiene only deal with Big companies leaving the smaller ones out?

Absolutely not, We have currently a big database of smaller companies that we look after month to month, providing a cost effective and professional service.

Can you keep me updated with all the relevant legislation I need to know?

All of our Service engineers are fully qualified and are all aware of the current legislation and legal requirements; we will work with you every step of the way.

What makes Chatha Hygiene different among the rest?

We believe in customer satisfaction, we take every step in building a good relationship with all of our clients, also asking for feedback on both our products and most importantly our service to see if there’s anything we can improve on, making sure we are always giving our customers what they require and expect from us. We make sure all of our products are environmentally friendly and our Technicians are always looking at new ways to help the environment. Our Staff are fully trained to deal with all of your answers or queries to meet all of our customers satisfaction and providing you with the best service we can.

How much will all this cost me?

By using Chatha Hygiene Limited washroom products you pay a small price and make a big impression to anyone visiting your washrooms. For just a few pounds a week can go a long way to giving you a healthier and much cleaner washroom. Our products will make sure your washroom is a clean and healthier environment to be in every time they are visited.