At Chatha Hygiene Limited we treat Health and Safety very seriously. The Health and Safety of our staff, Visitors and customers is of great importance to us.

As a company we ensure that our practices and operational risk procedures are set in place in order to prevent any harm to our service engineers and also any member of the public who may come into contact with our products or services.

We provide all the appropriate protective equipment (PPE) to all relevant staff, offering all aspects of Health and Safety. We make sure that our working environment is a safe and well conducted place for all of our staff and visitors. All of our Health and Safety company structures are reviewed frequently by Management and
our senior managers within the organisation.

Chatha Hygiene can ensure that safe working measures and structures are in place when working on our clients premises. Duty of Care and quality statement for Chatha Hygiene Ltd

Our commitment is to conduct our affairs so as to ensure so far as it is reasonably practicable the welfare of our customers at all times. It is the duty of all our employees to take reasonable care for the health and safety of
themselves at work. Management will maintain safe systems of work through training and risk assessment at our Chatha Hygiene head office. Our Duty of care precautions is listed as follows;

 All vehicles to be maintained serviced and cleaned as directed by the leasing company. Checks to be  completed on a weekly basis for oil water and tyre pressure. Any damaged products to be logged and taken from stock rotation. If customer owns the products then client    to be made aware of situation in writing by the Operations

In the unlikely event of any defect with the goods supplied, the client must notify this to Chatha Hygiene  in writing within seven days of delivery as per service terms and conditions of supply.

To pick up and dispose of all waste in the appropriate manor with our utmost Duty of care.

  •       All Washroom products are to be located as per the Customer Delivery Details sheet.
  •       All products to be in safe working order
  •       All safe lifting and carrying procedures to be adhered to as per health and safety training.