Chatha Hygiene Ltd believes Corporate Responsibility has become a major priority as a
company. It has become a key responsibility for every Business to trade and oblige with
corporate Responsibilities.

We believe that our commitment as an organisation to Corporate Responsibility is shown
throughout our day to day procedures and running of the business, together with our
promise to go that step further in both protecting our staff and visitors as well as the

Outside Environment.

Chatha Hygiene has set internal targets as a company to meet Legislation in order to
support the Environment and your Business obligations. These combined can be a positive
influence towards the outside business world creating an opportunity to incorporate more
effective business solutions and also trying to make it a more greener environment with
most businesses working together using more recycling where they can. Chatha Hygiene has broken down the following categories / directives which we use as our duty to fulfil our corporate Responsibilities: -



Chatha hygiene stands for:

Hard - Working  ( For our customers business )

Alert                ( to improvement of service levels )

Trusted            ( By our Customers )

Help                 ( available 24 hours a day )

Always              ( Forward thinking & Flexible )