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The electronic Cistermiser with PIR sensor

Current water regulations state that urinal cisterns must have a means of control “to prevent flow of water to urinal cistern during periods when the building is unoccupied thus conserving water supplies. ( WRAS Guidance. G25. 10)

Water is becoming a scarce commodity. Urinal water management systems ensure water is only used when required saving both valuable resources and money.

Our Water Management system is designed to reduce Water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive wastage.The water management is incorporated into the water supply to the urinal cistern and controls flush frequency by controlling this supply.

On detection of movement in the washroom a pulse from the sensor opens the normally closed solenoid valve and water flows to the cistern: at the same time the PIR sensor is switched off.


  1.     Reduces Water consumption by up to 80%
  2.     Reduces washroom odours
  3.     Solenoid valve activated with PIR sensor
  4.     Hygiene flush for periods of non – use
  5.     Ensures compliance with water regulations
  6.     Mains or battery powered option in the same box – no external transformer required