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Supplies and Services

Bespoke servicing plans and supplies available from Chatha Hygiene

  • Free rapid delivery across the South East of England
  • Full service plans arranged to suit your needs
  • Wide range of items held in stock
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Our suppliers include:-

Washroom Dispensers

We have a wide range of toilet tissue dispensers to accommodate every washroom for both business and commercial use.

Our paper hand towel dispensers provide single sheet dispensing and are ideal for light to medium traffic environments. Our dispensers make life easier, thanks to a number of intelligent features incorporated into the design.

Hand Dryers

In addition to the popular lines below we have a range of other dryers including the Dyson hands down and Iflow blade dryer in stock. Prices for sales or rental available upon request.

Hand Dryer

GLX Black range of automatic hand dryers offers style,performance and reliability at unbelievable value for money

UltraDry Pro 1 hand and face dryer

  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Perfect for a facility that requires long term, heavy usage
  • Durable and vandal resistant steel case
  • Long life, durable motor. Digital circuit
  • Infrared sensor with anti-interfere technology
  • 360º revolving nozzle
  • Available in brushed stainless steel (H1) or white gloss (H11) finish
Hand Dryer

Iflow Future 1 hand dryer

  • Available in white, brushed stainless steel or chrome
  • Dries hands as effectively as conventional paper products
  • The Iflow is one of the fastest jet hand dryers on the market
  • The stylish design and look of the Iflow compliments any washroom environment
  • It has two airflow temperature settings - hot or ambient

Soap Service

What causes infections? Infections are never caused by dirt - they can be caused by viruses, but mostly by 'bugs' or germs called bacteria that occur naturally all around us. They are sometimes on our skin, and even in our mouths and noses. Most of them don't do us any harm.

When we are not well or after an operation, our bodies' natural defences are weaker, so more care is needed to protect us. Some bacteria - like MRSA are difficult to fight with antibiotics because they've developed resistance.

Hand washing has been identified as one of the best defences against contracting or passing on the Covid virus.

Time lost due to employee sickness increases costs and can have a serious impact on operations.

Chatha Hygiene wants to prevent our clients getting these infections in the first place by providing the right products to keep your washrooms safe, healthy and infection free.

By using Chatha Hygiene disinfectant handrub dispensers - these kill about 99% of germs in around 30 seconds and dry naturally on the skin. And because you don't have to be near a sink to use them, they are also very convenient.

We have introduced "The Chatha Hygiene CleanYourHands" campaign; which especially encourages staff to use these units.

We hope that seeing your staff use them will help you feel confident that your workplace and your people are in safe hands.

The Chatha Hygiene "CleanYourHands campaign" is about everyone getting better at hand hygiene. When all of your staff clean their hands before and after touching objects in the workplace it helps stops bugs spreading.

Hand Dry

The Savona Ellipse range has models to suit all environments

Savona Ellipse Direct Fill Soap Dispenser Chrome

  • Simple and elegant dispensers to enhance any washroom decor
  • Choice of anti–bacterial cosmetic or foam soap to meet all skin care needs
  • Regular Servicing with full maintenance ensures constant availability
  • Available in Classic white, Designer & Premier range to suit any washroom decor
  • Soap top up service also available. ( Details upon request)
Hand Dry

Soap Dispenser Tap

Aertek - Soap Tap - T1SD21 - Foam -

  • Deck Mounted - Wash + Dry at the sink
  • Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser
  • Deck mounted
  • Users can wash and dry their hands at the sink without having to move away and dripping water on the floor.
  • SoapTap automatic deck-mounted soap dispenser simplifies the cleaning process because all water and soap goes into the basin.
  • The icon on the front panel indicates the function

Urinal and WC Sanitizer

Our Urinal and W.C. Sanitizers provide a total solution for effective prevention of scale and the control of bacterial growth and bad smells in urinals.

WC Sanitiser

Activa Sanitizer

The Activa is a fully programmable Sanitizer specifically created for service providers.

A total solution for the effective prevention of scale and the control of bacterial growth and bad smells in urinals, WC’s and their associated piping.

Our Urinal Sanitizer is state of the art design which makes it both flexible and practical.

At the heart of the system is Bio-active, an advanced and highly effective 3-in-1 sanitizing fluid based on natural ingredients. Bio-active neutralizes malodor by preventing the formation of scale and controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • A total solution for effective prevention of scale and control of bacterial growth and malodors in urinals, WCs and their associated piping
  • It works with Bio-active™ – an advanced and highly effective 3 in 1 sanitizing fluid based on natural ingredients
  • Its state-of-the-art design makes it both flexible and practical solution
  • Easy programming
  • Integral minimal keypad for straightforward program selection. Just scroll and select. Activa’s intuitive software does the rest
  • Range of personalized settings to suit any location
  • Error-proof, easy loading refill
  • Optional low battery alarms – visible or audible
  • A range of optional fixing kits for varying installation needs

Baby Care Facilities

Our nappy disposal service is designed to ensure safe disposal of soiled nappies.

Each unit is fitted with a high energy germicidal powder used to deactivate and destroy offensive odours.

Baby Changer

Nappy Changing Tables

  • Fold away designs provide safe changing facilities with a neat, aesthetic appearance when not in use
  • The horizontal or vertical design units facilitate fitting where space is limited
  • Our award winning nappy changing tables now have plastic surfaces which are resistant to bacterial growth
  • Regular servicing with full maintenance ensures constant availability
Baby Goods

Nappy Bins

The Environmental Protection Act 1991 set out your “Duty Of Care” to ensure that all soiled dressings are disposed of correctly

  • Nappy disposal service – 50 litre capacity unit, with modesty tray to ensure discreet disposal
  • Covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1991
  • Available in grey or yellow
  • All waste transfer documentation is included in our prices

Water Management Systems

The electronic Cistermiser with PIR sensor.

Current water regulations state that urinal cisterns must have a means of control “to prevent flow of water to urinal cistern during periods when the building is unoccupied thus conserving water supplies. ( WRAS Guidance. G25. 10)

Water is becoming a scarce commodity. Urinal water management systems ensure water is only used when required saving both valuable resources and money.

Our Water Management System is designed to reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive wastage.The water management is incorporated into the water supply to the urinal cistern and controls flush frequency by controlling this supply.

On detection of movement in the washroom a pulse from the sensor opens the normally closed solenoid valve and water flows to the cistern: at the same time the PIR sensor is switched off.

Hand Dryer
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 80%
  • Reduces washroom odours
  • Solenoid valve activated with PIR sensor
  • Hygiene flush for periods of non – use
  • Ensures compliance with water regulations
  • Mains or battery powered option in the same box – no external transformer required

Urinal Mats and Sanitizers

V screen Urinal Mat

Economical Odour Control for Washrooms

The reliable Vectair V-Screen is an economical odour control solution for washrooms. It helps reduce the buildup of that stale smell that can occur in men’s rooms, replacing it with a refreshing, bright scent of your choice!

V screen
  • Each screen is designed with precision to make sure they give you the most for your money.
  • The unique webbed design of the mat helps block any potential splashback, making for a hygienic, safe washroom experience.
  • The anti-slip design of each mat means it grips the urinal securely. This secure fit helps ensure better and longer-lasting protection from odours as it’ll remain in place over the drain until you want to remove it.
  • Each powerfully-fragranced urinal screen freshens up your washroom without using any solvents or artificial propellants.
  • By sitting over the drain, the V-Screen helps keep out things like hair, chewing gum, and other bits of litter. These are all things that can cause blockages if they get washed down the drain – by keeping them out of the drain you ensure clean, healthy drainage in your urinal systems.
  • The V-Screen is available in a range of bright, refreshing fragrances. You can choose anything from a zesty citrus mango scent to an invigorating ocean spray fragrance. Pick whichever one suits your brand the best, or pick up a variety of packs and see which one you prefer.


Efficient Odour Control for Washrooms

The System works best with less water (giving the enzymes more time to do theirwork) so the urinal water flow can be reduced using the U-Pod. It regulates and economises the water flow keeping it at a predetermined rate .The whole urinal pod itself, is self-funding by reducing water and effluent charges.

  • Environmentally friendly device.
  • Fresh minty fragrance that leaves your urinals smelling fresh and clean.
  • No more strong chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Fresh for up to 13 weeks.
  • By sitting over the drain, the V-Screen helps keep out things like hair, chewing gum, and other bits of litter. These are all things that can cause blockages if they get washed down the drain – by keeping them out of the drain you ensure clean, healthy drainage in your urinal systems.

Vending Machines

Chatha Hygiene offers a number of different makes and models of washroom vending machines.

We can offer a wide range of single or dual column electronical and mechanical units.

Hand Dryer
  • Single column units are usually found in mens toilets supplying condoms. The negative side of using a single column is that it only supplies a single product.
  • Using dual vending machines offers more options for the customer, usually stocking sanitary products, Tampax tampons or sanitary towels, the dual vends are usually located in the female toilets.


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